Although he likes to introduce himself as a guide for young people and professor of mathematics, Florian Colceag is doctor of economics, specialist in mathematical models, president of the Romanian Institute for Studies and Advanced Research Gifted Education, as well as a member of the Club of Rome.

Professor Florian Colceag is considered the spiritual father of countless exceptional young people whom he has been testing, supporting and promoting since the beginning of the ‘90s. His greatest wish is to see highly gifted youngsters who receive diplomas through hard work at worldwide competitions and from prestigious universities come back home, to Romania, and build a career here.

Florian Colceag is permanently involved in the process of changing the mentality of the current Romanian educational system. He succeeds in developing the youngsters’ potential and their abilities, harvesting talents and native sensitivities. The pupils who are tutored for national and international Olympiads in mathematics by the “trainer of geniuses” win numerous gold medals.