• Florian Colceag

    Although he likes to introduce himself as a guide for young people and professor of mathematics, Florian Colceag is doctor of economics, specialist in mathematical models, president of the Romanian Institute for Studies and Advanced Research Gifted Education, as well as a member of the Club of Rome.

  • Monica Petrică

    Monica Petrică’s career in the world of dance began at the age of three years old under Alexandru Ilie’s wing, her uncle, who is a ballet master and used to take Monica to the ballet classes of a Sports School. Her mother was her biggest supporter, making sure she had everything she needed in order to focus on her career. She was admitted to the George Enescu High School of Art with the highest grade and graduated as valedictorian. Monica Petrică debuted as a ballerina in Oleg Danovski Contemporary Dance Company. She is currently prima-ballerina of the Romanian Opera, alongside Răzvan Mazilu, making every show a great treat for the audience.

  • Tiberiu Soare

    Tiberiu Soare has had exceptional results in his musical career. He graduated magna cum laude the Iacob Muresianu Military High School of Music in Bucharest and two faculties of the National University of Music Bucharest, tuba – Department of Wind and Percussion Instruments, and Conducting (choir and orchestra; or choral and orchestral) – Composition, Musicology and Music Pedagogy. Horia Andreescu, Alain Paris and Adrian Sunshine are his career role-models. He is currently deputy general director of the Bucharest National Opera, as well as coordinator of the “Ludovic Spiess” Experimental Studio of Opera and Ballet, part of the National Opera, and he has numerous concerts both in Romania and abroad.

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