Ciprian Marica loves Romania and he is very proud of his roots. This made him achieve everything he set his mind to do and represent us with dignity around the world. Every victory he wins on any stadium, in Romania or abroad, is also won for the “home team”, the supporters who thus feel they are also winners. The sense of belonging is a very strong one, every national team call-up is for Marica a new source of energy and a new opportunity to achieve and maintain high-quality performance.

His career role-model is Gheorghe Hagi, whom he respects both as a professional, for his exceptional performances in football, and as a human being, for the activities of his homonymous foundation. Although he did not wait for the end of his career in sports to launch his foundation, Ciprian learnt from the best and decided that it is never too early to get involved, to offer and share your resources with those who need it.

Ciprian received all the support he needed from his family when he took his first steps on the path to his dream career in the world of sports. His formal education, his good family upbringing, his work, his determination, but also financial resources, all counted when it came to achieving performance. Thus, he understood that talent and work must be noticed in a timely fashion in one’s life and supported financially.

“Athletes are often people who love their country. In Romania, the meaning of the word “patriotism” was distorted, it even became devoid of sense. However, I believe in it. And I believe that its main manifestation consists in what you do for your country. We have an exceptionally beautiful national identity. Our country is rich in spirit, talent and well-endowed children. We have to look at ourselves in an objective way and make an accurate evaluation, without any exaggerations. Many people justify almost anything by saying “we live in Romania”, but they often forget that they are part of Romania and this country rises or falls through the people who inhabit it. I want us to be a nation, not merely people. We are a country, not only a territory. This is the reason why I choose to invest in talented youngsters who achieve performance. I believe in the power of example. If we want a better world, change begins with us!”

Therefore, Ciprian sets out to contribute to the cornerstone of his much dreamed about project, the first private vocational school, with every youngster the foundation helps and every teacher it supports. This school is meant to convince young people to study in Romania, to succeed, so that their results are so brilliant they get to be appreciated worldwide and Ciprian Marica Foundation gets to award countless grants.