• Irina Tarău

    Born in 2002, Irina has already managed to earn the reputation of fairy-tale ballerina. At only 14 years old, she has an impressive track record, managing to be on the highest steps of the podium in almost all national and international competitions in which she participated, gathering a total of over 25 medals and diplomas, mostly for the first place. Among the distinctions obtained in her age category, we mention the award for “the most elegant dancer” or “most promising performer.”

  • Casian Pătrășcanu

    Casian is a teenager who achieves performance. The scholar of Ciprian Marica Foundation won many medals at national and international Olympiads in mathematics and physics. In 2014 and 2011 he won gold medals at the National Olympiad in Informatics, in 2013 he won the gold medal at the National Mathematics Olympiad. In 2012, Casian was awarded the bronze medal at the Junior Balkan Olympiad. The most important success for him, until today, is the fact that he got into Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), class of 2020.

  • Jennifer Dossey

    Jennifer is the daughter of Ibrahim Dossey, former goalkeeper of FC Braşov. She inherited her father’s big love for athletic performance and chose to focus her talent in athletics, where she has won 32 medals for two separate events (28 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals). In 2016, Jennifer succeeded, for the third time in a row, to set a new record in the long-jump event, as she jumped 5 meters and 39 centimeters.

  • Denis Turcu

    Space, the final frontier… Denis’s aspiration is to know as much as possible about the universe. Over the years, he has excelled in all sciences and has won numerous medals at Olympics in astronomy, physics, mathematics, science, chemistry. Denis returned home, to Romania, with silver medals at the International “Archimedes” Contest 2010 and the International Physics Olympiad 2013. In 2012 he participated in the summer courses of numbers theory in the Educational Program for Gifted Youths, organized by Stanford University.

  • Miruna Iordache

    Miruna achieved the performance of winning over ten medals in less than three years. Since February 2013, she has been registered in the Sports Club of the National University of Physical Education and Sports, class of aerobics. She is also part of both trio and quintet groups of the Sports Club that she represents in many national and international competitions.

  • Mircea Dumitrescu

    Mircea Dumitrescu, aged only 17 years old, is one of the most promising violin talents of Romania. He has so far won over 50 first place prizes including 15 internationals, five major prizes with trophies and four special awards. The Romanian Government awarded him the “Diploma of Excellence” for outstanding performances. He participated in several editions of such international competitions as the “Alice Bel Colle” contest, Acqui Terme – Italy, the international contest “Giovani Talenti”, San Bartolomeo al Mare – Italy, the international contest “Vittoria Caffa Righetti”, Cortemilia – Italy and Young Competition Talents Orchestra, in Barlassina, Italy. His performance includes on-going concerts on prestigious stages both in Romania and abroad.

  • Iustina Crăciun

    Iustina can already be considered a true specialist in Astronomy and Astrophysics. The medals she has won over the years at various national and international competitions are the “living” proofs. Moreover, Iustina managed to be admitted to high school with grade ten. Internationally, Justina collected nine medals. In 2013 she won two gold medals at the International Olympiad of Astronomy and Astrophysics held in Greece (for the individual contest, as well as for the most innovative answers). In 2012 she won two bronze medals in the same competition held in Rio de Janeiro (for both team and individual contests). In 2011 she won the bronze medal at the International Astronomy Olympiad held in Crimea.

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