The mission of Ciprian Marica Foundation is to support and promote performance in education and sports.

The three ambassadors of the foundation, Monica Petrică, ballet dancer (arts), Tiberiu Soare, conductor (music), Florian Colceag, professor (science) and the founder Ciprian Marica, football player (sports), are involved in choosing the scholars and developing foundation programs, also acting as mentors for the selected young people.

The foundation is working on three directions: scholars programs, community programs and building a vocational school step by step (a medium term objective).

The scholarships are currently supported by Ciprian Marica’s personal funds. For the community programs there will be both personal funds and European grants. In the future Ciprian Marica Foundation will also organize fundraising campaigns.

The scholarship program supports children on a long-term, until graduation from University. The foundation will seldom punctually support one special case. Our goal is to be by our scholars’ side over many years, trying to help them whenever they need it. Therefore we will be involved in a limited number of cases, which we can fully finance and manage on a permanent basis.

Ciprian Marica foundation also supports dedicated teachers, teachers who are involved with dedication in educating children. In 2016 we will launch a scholarship project for educators, teachers and professors.