• Fundația Ciprian Marica a demarat în anul 2014 un program de susținere a copiilor excepționali care au rezultate remarcabile în diverse domenii de activitate. Selecția bursierilor s-a facut pe parcursul unei perioade lungi de timp de către cei patru ambasadori ai fundației: Monica Petrică, Tiberiu Soare, Florin Colceag și fondatorul, Ciprian Marica. Aceștia au ales șapte tineri care reprezintă cu succes vârfurile de lance în domeniile în care au dovedit că au talent și în care ating performanța cu fiecare prilej: Mircea Dumitrescu – muzică, Irina Tarău – balet, Andreea Miruna Iordache – gimnastică, Iustina Crăciun – astrofizică, Jennifer Ștefania Dossey – atletism, Denis Turcu – fizică și Casian Patrășcanu – matematică. Bursierii se bucură de sprijinul Fundației Ciprian Marica în tot ceea ce înseamnă activitate profesională.

  • Romanian education was and still is a highly debated topic. A system subject to a continuous reorganization and focused on theoretical study has produced a confused young generation that cannot find its place in an increasing competitive employment market, with precise requirements and needs.

    On the one hand, our system creates elites; year after year Romanian pupils return with medals from international competitions, on the other hand an increasing number of high school pupils are lost, unable to pass the High school graduation exam.
    Young people face serious difficulties in finding a job while, paradoxically, employers permanently have free positions for which they cannot find qualified personnel.

  • Personal Brand Marathon was a training course, a 3D adventure of personal branding for 30 young people at the beginning of their careers who have high potential for success. For eight days the youngsters learned how to build their personal brand through non-formal education and with the help of specialists. They learned how to develop their “salesmen” skills, promote their social projects and start-ups. In this way they can find a job easier and faster, they can become bloggers or influencers, journalists or social entrepreneurs. This training course provided different tools and the participants received advice from specialists in creating online identities in-line with the offline personal brand.

  • Everybody talks about the way in which the Romanian educational system gets further and further away from the performances it once had. However, there are teachers who make the difference, teachers who obtain great results with their pupils, who manage to provoke curiosity and performance aspirations in the minds of the youngsters. Their enthusiasm in their career may be the only chance young children have to become exceptional adults, the chance our country has to also have elites in the future. We certainly do not talk about these mentors enough and it is high time they became known.

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