On May 25, Vunk will present on the scene of  Polyvalent Hall from Bucharest, one of the most spectacular productions realized in Romania. Fifty performers will join this popular band for the concert “Your Secret”, the final part of the Enigma Trilogy.

The concert, inspired by the world of Jules Verne and the visual universe of the steam punk genre, will be a premiere in the Romanian music field, with insertions of musical moments.

Mircea Dumitrescu, one of the most promising young violinists from Romania has accepted the invitation of Vunk and will join them for a unique moment.

Cornel Ilie, leader of the Vunk band: “Each time we bring with us extremely talented young people in whose potential we trust. Thus we decided that a share of the advertisement budget for the concert “Your Secret” to be directed to one of the scholars of Ciprian Marica Foundation, Mircea Dumitrescu, for the continuation of his studies. Mircea will get on the scene together with us at Polyvalent Hall with a special moment in the show. We hope that more people will embrace our initiative so that we can open roads for as many talented people as possible.”

Mircea Dumitrescu, the scholar of Ciprian Marica Foundation, who has only 18 years old, has collected over 50 prizes until now, 15 of them international prizes, five great prizes with trophy and four special prizes. The Romanian Government awarded him the “Diploma of Excellency” for special performances. He participated in several editions of some international competitions like the contest “Alice Bel Colle”, Acqui Terme – Italy, the international competition “Giovani Talenti”, San Bartolomeo al Mare – Italy, the international competition “Vittoria Caffa Righetti”, Cortemilia – Italy and the competition Young Competition Talents Orchestra from Barlassina, Italy.

So, we are expecting you at the concert “Your Secret” from May 25 where Vunk will also promote their newest album called “Extroverted”.

Mircea Dumitrescu