Everybody talks about the way in which the Romanian educational system gets further and further away from the performances it once had. However, there are teachers who make the difference, teachers who obtain great results with their pupils, who manage to provoke curiosity and performance aspirations in the minds of the youngsters. Their enthusiasm in their career may be the only chance young children have to become exceptional adults, the chance our country has to also have elites in the future. We certainly do not talk about these mentors enough and it is high time they became known.

Professors make the difference! Program is how Ciprian Marica Foundation will support and promote the most talented teachers from the Romanian educational system, those who love their career and manage to touch the lives of their pupils, contributing both to their professional education and their qualities of human beings. These teachers will be awarded significant grants, but also technical equipment and didactic material for the schools where they teach. The teachers will be nominated and voted by their students.

Together with Happy Sound Production Studio, we will make a presentation movie of the program, which will soon be available on the website. You will love it for sure!

We will subsequently present the voting mechanisms and all the details.