Romanian education was and still is a highly debated topic. A system subject to a continuous reorganization and focused on theoretical study has produced a confused young generation that cannot find its place in an increasing competitive employment market, with precise requirements and needs.

On the one hand, our system creates elites; year after year Romanian pupils return with medals from international competitions, on the other hand an increasing number of high school pupils are lost, unable to pass the High school graduation exam.
Young people face serious difficulties in finding a job while, paradoxically, employers permanently have free positions for which they cannot find qualified personnel.

Ciprian Marica understood the current requirements and needs and, with his foundation, he wanted to help as many children as possible to follow their vocation and excel in the path chosen: “I think that every child is special and has an infinite potential. It is up to us to guide and help them discover their vocation. Only by finding and pursuing your call you can excel.”

“The Vocational Laboratory” is the most recent educational project developed by Ciprian Marica Foundation.

The pilot project gives the opportunity to 900 children, between 7 and 14 years old, pupils from the Gymnasium no. 1 of Buftea, to follow in the course of one year free acting, creative writing, public speaking, product design and interior design, mathematics, informatics, drawing and painting classes.

Based on the children’s needs, Ciprian Marica Foundation will extend the project in other schools, aiming to diversify the disciplines of study.


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