Personal Brand Marathon was a training course, a 3D adventure of personal branding for 30 young people at the beginning of their careers. This training took place between October 20th and October 28th 2014, in Bucharest. During eight days the youngsters learned how to build their personal brand through non-formal education and with the help of specialists. They learned how to develop their “salesmen” skills, promote their social projects and start-ups. In this way they can find a job easier and faster, they can become bloggers or influencers, journalists or social entrepreneurs. This training course provided different tools and the participants received advice from specialists in creating online identities in-line with the offline personal brand.

We succeeded in bringing together exceptional youngsters and volunteers, social entrepreneurs, specialists so that the former could be trained how to explore a wide range of careers, form or consolidate their concepts of social entrepreneurship and personal brand, their leadership skills and general knowledge.

Moreover, this program has at its basis the wish to share with young people aged between 18 and 35 years old concepts on the dimension and the membership of the European Union, the benefits of Erasmus+ Program, as well as the stages of a project with international impact.

The participants, as well as everybody who is interested in the subject of personal branding, can share their knowledge on an online platform. This way, they will become the main ambassadors of the platform and the program. On the long term, the platform created for this program will be developed by participants and other pros in the field, turning it into a source of information, a voice of personal brand trainers, project coordinators, entrepreneurs and start-up initiators.

Personal Brand Marathon programme is financed by the European Union.
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