Ciprian Marica Foundation debuted in 2014 with a support program for highly gifted young people who have remarkable results in different domains. The scholars were nominated as a result of a long period of time by the four ambassadors of the Foundation: Monica Petrică, Tiberiu Soare, Florin Colceag and the founder, Ciprian Marica. They chose seven youngsters who are the best in their fields of activity and achieve performance every time: Mircea Dumitrescu – music, Irina Tarău – ballet, Andreea Miruna Iordache – gymnastics, Iustina Crăciun – astrophysics, Denis Turcu – physics and Casian Patrășcanu – mathematics. The scholars have the Foundation’s support in everything that is related to their professional activity.

The scholarship program supports children on a long-term, until graduation from University. The foundation will seldom punctually support one special case. Our goal is to be by our scholars’ side over many years, trying to help them whenever they need it. Therefore we will be involved in a limited number of cases, which we can fully finance and manage on a permanent basis.

If you are interested in entering our program, please send an e-mail to the following contact address: Please mention your name, your age and the results you obtained throughout the time, as well as the requested help.

For further information on the scholars, please visit Scholars.