Miruna Iordache, a scholar of the Ciprian Marica Foundation, 13 years old, has won three prizes at the Iași Cup, the national championship of aerobic gymnastics that reunited more than 150 athletes.

While, at the Deva Citadel Coup, the little girl won the gold medal at the individual event and the silver medal at the group event, an event where she replaced an injured colleague at the last minute, at the most recent competition she improved her personal record with 3 medals: gold at the individual event, gold at the pairs event and silver at the trio event.

Every competition in which she participates, in the country or abroad, means a new prize.

The General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection of 6th District, an institution who takes care of the small champion ever since she was born can also take pride in these notable results. In only 3 years of gymnastic practice, she won 25 medals, 19 of which were gold medals.

Although Miruna Iordache’s life story is an impressive one, raising compassion and admiration to those who follow her, she is determined to refuse interviews which are not focused on her sport results, as she believes gymnastics is what really defines her.

Artemis Boldea, general manager of the Ciprian Marica Foundation: “Miruna will compete this weekend in the 21st edition of the National Aerobic Gymnastics Championship. Giving that it is the most important national competition, we invite you to support her on 29th and 30th of October, at Polivalentă Hall within the Olimpic Complex in Izvorani, starting with 10:00 o’clock. Looking forward to seeing you!”

Miruna Iordache

Miruna Iordache, Cupa Iașului