On Saturday at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Complex Miruna Iordache went twice on the highest stage of the podium at the National Aerobic Gymnastics Championship and managed to rank first in both the individual event and the group event.

Miruna Iordache, the 14-year-old “Ciprian Marica” Foundation’s scholarship holder, managed a double performance at the National Aerobic Gymnastics Championship, which took place on 28-29 October at Izvorani, under the aegis of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation.

Miruna became Romania’s national champion, ranking first in both women’s individual event, the IInd age group, and in the group event, achieving a score of 19,200 and 19,250 respectively.

Her exercises can be watched on the YouTube channel of the “Ciprian Marica” Foundation:

Although she is practicing this sport for only 4 years, the little gymnast managed to collect no less than 35 medals at national and international championships, of which 26 gold medals, she successfully competing in both individual events and group events.

At the end of September this year Miruna managed to win the bronze medal in the trio event of the European Gymnastics Championship.

Miruna Iordache has been since her birth in the care of the Department of Social Assistance and Child Protection of the 6th District of Bucharest, and thanks to her, the anthem of our country has been heard at the Borovets Aerobics World Cup in 2014 and 2015, where the gymnast won three gold medals.

Miruna Iordache: “I am very happy for this result. I will be able to be part of Romania’s juniors team next year and I needed a podium ranking in this championship. I would like to express my thanks once again to the trainers, to Ciprian Marica and to the people at the Child Protection Division of the 6th District of Bucharest for all their help. ”

Ciprian Marica: “I am proud of our scholarship holder! Miruna gives me reasons of pride in every competition. I have lost the string of medals that this little girl has won so far. It is once again proved that the strong essences are held in small bottles.”

Aur pentru Miruna Iordache la individual feminin, grupa a II-a

Aur pentru Miruna Iordache la proba de grup

Miruna Iordache