Bucharest, October 23, 2017: The scholar of the Ciprian Marica Foundation was accepted at the Hochschule für Musik Saar from Saarbrüken, Germany, faculty which has given along the years several musicians of international level. Mircea Dumitrescu will go to the class of David Grimal, a violin player who started his career at the age of 5, just like the scholar of the Foundation.

Mircea Dumitrescu is the scholar of the Ciprian Marica Foundation since 2014, being supported by annual scholarships for the participation at national and international contest, master classes and maintenance of the instrument.

The young violinist of only 19 years old is one of the most promising instrumentalist from Romania. His talent was discovered from early childhood by his grandfather who also taught him the first violin lessons when he was only five years old.

Through the years Mircea has won over 50 prizes of first place at the national and international competitions he participated at. On national level we can mention the Prize of Excellency obtained at the National Competition “Young Talents”, the great prize of the show “I want to be a star”, the award “Remember Enescu” at the National Contest for Violin “Modest Iftinchi” and the first prizes won annually at the National Olympiad of Music.

On international level, Mircea took the Great Prize at the International Competition “Grand Prize”, the Absolute 1st Prize at the International Competition “Alice Bel Colle”, the Absolute 1st Prize at the International Competition “Giovani Talenti”, the first prize at the International Contest “Vittoria Caffa Righetti” and the first prize at the International Contest “Festival del Golfo”.

For all these accomplishments he was awarded by the Romanian Government with the Diploma of Excellency for outstanding performances.

Mircea Dumitrescu held concerts as a soloist with the Orchestra of the Romanian Opera, with the Genoa Orchestra and recitals at the Romanian Atheneum, at the “George Enescu” Festival, at the Munich Philharmonics, at Castello di Belvegio and in Piazza Domo from Italy.

In 2017, Mircea had yet another premiere in his career. He got on the stage of the Polyvalent Hall joining the Vunk Band within the concert called “Your Secret”, his performance being applauded for a long time by the numerous audiences present at the event.

Among his important accomplishments of this year, Mircea Dumitrescu also won the first place at the National Music Olympiad and had the chance to close the concert of the “George Enescu” College Alumni where he has studied up to now.

The two moments may be watched on the YouTube channel belonging to the Ciprian Marica Foundation:

The admission of the young violinist to the German Conservatory, in the class of the great David Grimal, is his biggest accomplishment that comes as a confirmation of all his results obtained by far.

Mircea Dumitrescu: “For me, this is a dream come true. I have worked hard to get here and I hope I will not disappoint you from now on either. There are many whom I must be thankful. Without support I couldn’t have reached performance. My grandmother, teacher Olivia Papa and Ciprian Marica are three people to whom I will always be grateful. And of course, I hope that David Grimal will not cease to believe in me and help me grow. He is the reason I chose this college. My greatest wish is to get to play with the Philharmonic Orchestra from Berlin one day”.

Ciprian Marica: “Mircea is one of the youngsters I believed in from the beginning and I wanted to help him through my foundation. Despite all the gifts he had to succeed his family situation was a delicate one. There were a lot of people who helped this child to make performance on international level and I am only happy to have contributed to it. Mircea is the fourth scholar of the foundation who chose to study abroad. I am proud of these children and I hope they will return one day back home to Romania and be role models for the next generations.”

Mircea Dumitrescu

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