Romanian trio on podium at the European Championship of Aerobic Gymnastics for juniors, which took place in Italy, in Ancona, between the 18th and 20th of September. 

Miruna Iordache, the 14 years old scholar of the Ciprian Marica Foundation, managed, alongside her colleagues Catinca Geamanu and Claudia Gheorghe, a notable performance at the first participation of the European championship. The girls came out on the third position in the trio test, where they have competed with other 13 teams from 8 countries.

In this edition of the European championship a total of 135 sportsmen from 12 countries have participated.

On the international level, Miruna also won three gold medals at the Borovets Aerobics World Cup, in 2014 and in 2015, successfully competing not only in the individual trials but also the group ones.

The scholar of the Ciprian Marica Foundation discovered the aerobic gymnastics at the age of 10, being encouraged to practice this sport by the maternal assistance in whose care she is from the age of 7. In only 4 years, the girl managed to have an impressive proven track record, winning until now 33 medals at the national and international champions, of which 24 gold medals.

Miruna Iordache: “I would like to thank everyone who believed in me. Without the support of the trainers, of Ciprian Marica and of the General Direction for the Child Protection District 6 I could not have reached until here. I am happy for this result and I will work even more in order to step up on the highest level of the global podium.”

Ciprian Marica: “Miruna Iordache is an example for the young generation. Our gymnast works hard for her dream of being the best in the sport she practices and to which she dedicates herself body and soul. She does not ask to be helped and does not wish to speak about her family situation. She wants to fight her way through her own performance. I congratulate Miruna! I am proud of her and will continue to support her in order to fulfill her dream.”

Miruna Iordache împreună cu colegele sale

Miruna Iordache, Catinca Geamănu și Claudia Gheorghe

Echipa României, bronz la CE de Gimnastică Aerobică