Jennifer Dossey, the scholar of the Ciprian Marica Foundation, has obtained a new gold medal at the long jump event, at the National Children’s Championship, Bucharest Area, held on 14-15 May.

With a jump of 5 meters and 49 centimeters, she ranked first, the second and third places being registered with jumps of 4 meters and 98 centimeters, respectively 4 meters and 79 centimeters.

Although she is still at the beginning, Jennifer is considered an aspiring Romanian athlete. For five years since she has been practicing this sport, the 12 years old girl has accumulated not less than 34 medals, 30 of them being gold medals.

The athlete has competed and achieved outstanding results at the long jump event but also at the 50 meter flat race event.

However, in the last year Jennifer chose to compete only at the long jump event, being counselled by a world legend in this event, Anișoara Cușmir. The former World and Olympic champion and the trainer of the young athlete still holds the Romanian record in this event, achieved 30 years ago with a jump of 7 meters and 43 centimetres.

A worthy descendent of her trainer, Jennifer has achieved in 2016 not less than 4 consecutive records in this event.
Ciprian Marica wants to be present on the stadium when his favourite athlete hits a new record.

Jennifer Dossey la CN de Copii, Zona București