Jennifer Dossey, a scholar of the Ciprian Marica Foundation, raises the bar in Romanian athletics, with every event.

In 2016, Jennifer has won all championship titles at the long jump event for her age category, at the indoor track and field championships.

The start-up of the track and field championships, the outdoor event this time, once again features our young athlete.
Jennifer has won the 1st prize and has set a new record, the fourth in a row, with a spectacular jump of 5 meters and 56 centimetres at the C1, C2, C3 Municipal Championship, held on May 7-8 in Bucharest.

Specialists in the field foresee a bright future for her; the long jumps succeeded by our 12-year old scholar are equal to or even exceed the jumps of her colleagues 2 years or 4 years older.

Nevertheless, Jennifer is not content with these praises, she wants to honor the advice she received from her father, Ibrahim Dossey, the Ghanaian goalkeeper from F.C. Brașov who died in a serious car crash, to continue fighting.

Ciprian Marica is impressed by her successes: “I am proud of each of Jennifer’s achievements. I even lost count of them. She breaks her own record with every new presence at a contest. If she continues to do so, Jennifer will be a subject of the international press”.

If you want to see her compete, we invite you on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at the National Children’s Championship, Area Stage, that will be held in Bucharest, from 14pm at the Iolanda Balaș Soter Youth Stadium.