Ciprian Marica Foundation launches an invitation for the 16th and the 18th of March: two workshops where you will find out details about how to build a strong personal brand and how to help in your turn the volunteers from the NGOs you represent to build their own brand in order to add value to the team.

The two workshops are meant to help you place yourself on the labor market, optimally evaluating your skills and correctly presenting your experience. These workshops are part of the Personal Brand Marathon, the first international training in branding in Romania, financed by the European Union, through Erasmus + and organized by the Ciprian Marica Foundation.

Personal brand is a must-have for all young professionals in the field on NGOs, who want to be known and develop a remarkable presence in online and offline.

The workshops will take place of the 16th and the 18th of March, at 7 p.m., in Bucharest.

The maximum number of participants is 20, this is why we kindly ask you to sign up until the 14th of March, 12 pm, for the first workshop and until the 17th of March, 12 pm, for the second one, mentioning the name of the NGO you are part of, at the following e-mail address: We will come back to you with the name of the place where the workshops will take place, as it will be decided upon knowing the total number of participants.

Looking forward to seeing you!