Abandoned by her family at birth and alone in the world, Miruna Iordache came to be in the care of the Social Security and Children’s Protection General Directorate, after which she was raised by a foster parent, with which she would remain until de age of six. Afterwards, the scholarship holder of the Ciprian Marica Foundation would change her family and domicile again, to be cared for by a different foster parent, Maria Didin.

Maria and her husband, Anton, helped Miruna to get over the shock of the move and guided the little girl that was rolling around their living room towards gymnastics, with patience and wisdom. In just three years, Miruna Iordache received 21 medals, of which 17 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze, in the most important competitions inside and outside the country.

Thanks to a child who was abandoned at birth, the Romanian national anthem was heard and applauded in global aerobic gymnastics competitions.

The most recent competition that Miruna participated in, the “Deva Citadel Cup”, added two more medals to her collection.

Our gymnast has won gold in the individual competition and silver in the group competition, with the little girl having to replace a colleague in the group round one week before the competition.

Ciprian Marica: “Miruna Iordache is an incredibly talented child. And she is living proof that, with our guidance, every child can excel in one field or another. I’m glad that I can help her fulfil her dream and I hope that, through the Vocational Laboratory project, I can also contribute to the discovery and guidance of other children, who are just as valuable.”

Miruna Iordache la Cupa Cetății Deva