Ciprian Marica Foundation believes change starts with us, this is why the admiration for Szobi Cseh’s career changed into a partnership with Gladiator Association, founded by the great stuntman in order to train, educate and cultivate children and youngsters aged between 9 and 20 years old, through sport and recreational activities.

The partnership between Ciprian Marica Foundation and Gladiator Association began with the support offered by the team of the foundation for the planning of a sports camp for children at Brașov. 18 children and two teachers benefited from transportation, equipment and a part of the necessary elements for a training camp full of exercises and hiking.

Currently, the activities of the association are coordinated by Arpad Cseh, the stuntman’s son. Ciprian Marica Foundation is thankful for his dedication and everything he does for children and youngsters who direct their energies in a positive direction and are thus able to be a part of society, managing to find a stable occupation. Gladiator program is unique in Romania and was undertaken is such countries as France and Australia for its exceptional results.