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Personal Brand Marathon, the first international training on branding in Romania financed through Erasmus + programme, is organized by Ciprian Marica Foundation. Young professionals and entrepreneurs at the beginning of their careers will learn how to build and develop their personal brands in order to be able to attract the attention of employees, future clients and business partners.

Personal Brand Marathon is organized in Bucharest, starting today until October 28th. Personal Brand Marathon programme is financed by the European Union.

During the eight days of training, 30 participants, young people involved in non-profit and entrepreneurial activities or who wish to find a job, as well as professionals in the field of communications and members of non-profit organizations from such countries as: Croatia, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Romania and Latvia, will participate in a series of formation sessions and non-formal education workshops. Through these courses, young people will extend their knowledge on branding, public speaking, coaching, strategic thinking, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

“We decided to organize a training on personal branding in order to help young people develop a very good presence in the online, which is vital in everybody’s professional life, but also to be able to better define the strong points that differentiate them from other candidates,” said Artemis Boldea, General Manager, Ciprian Marica Foundation. “Young people know that potential employers first look them up on Google and that this web search engine is the new business card. Personal brand is no longer only characteristic to top managers or business owners, it became a mandatory condition for any young professional”, added Artemis Boldea.

Using and optimizing Social Media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and blogs, designing a start-up, governing networking techniques, biography and creative CV writing are some of the most important sessions and workshops of Personal Brand Marathon for building a strong personal branding.

“The idea that stands at the basis of the Ciprian Marica foundation is the natural result of my wish to encourage and support young people trying to build successful careers. Achieving performance is not an easy thing to do: it requires native talent, impressive work volumes, but also financial support. Our country is rich in spirit, talent and well-endowed children and more often that desired, extraordinary talents are lost because of lack of funds and of chances to participate in different competitions and trainings in Romania and abroad”, declared Ciprian Marica, Founder, Ciprian Marica Foundation. “Education is the most important component of a positive evolution of a country and the Ciprian Marica foundation team will invest all possible resources in supporting young professionals who have a gift”, mentioned Ciprian Marica

The participants will receive a Youth Pass certificate, accredited by the European Commission at international level, when Personal Brand Marathon training ends. These certificates attest intrapersonal skills, personal branding notions, entrepreneurial, as well as internal communication spirit assimilated during the eight formation days.

About the Ciprian Marica foundation

Ciprian Marica Foundation is a non-profit organization founded on November 23rd, 2012. The mission of Ciprian Marica foundation is to discover, guide, form and promote young people who are talented and have special skills in arts, sports, science and education, through actions and sports, cultural and educational events. The foundation works on three directions: scholars programs, community programs and building a vocational school step by step (a medium term objective).

About Erasmus+

Erasmus Plus is the new European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport and will take place in the period 2014-2020.


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