Ciprian Marica Foundation continues to promote performance, by launching the educational project “Vocational Laboratory”.

“Vocational Laboratory” is the most recent educational project of Ciprian Marica Foundation, a project by which 900 children between 7 and 14 years old, pupils of the Buftea Gymnasium no. 1, will attend, in the course of an academic year, free acting, creative writing, public speaking, product design and interior design, mathematics, informatics, drawing and painting classes.

The pupils will take advantage of the experience of exceptional people, volunteers of this project, such as Ileana Răducanu, a graduate of the National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” (UNATC), chief editor at Elle Decoration and winner of the Grand Prize offered by HBO for the best feature film script and Casian Pătrăşcanu, a recipient of the Ciprian Marica Foundation scholarship, a winner at the national contest of mathematics and informatics, a student at the Massauchusetts Institutute of Technology (MIT), one of the top three international universities.

The courses will help pupils discover their vocation and contribute to their personal development.

Artemis Boldea, General Manager of the Ciprian Marica Foundation, thinks that the pilot project “Vocational Laboratory” will extend to other schools in the future, due to the high number of pupils registered. “We are very happy that the initiative of Ciprian Marica Foundation to organize free courses for children as part of a vocational laboratory was met with such enthusiasm. We did not expect hundreds of registered pupils from the first stage.”

During the Project Launch Conference, Ciprian Marica declared: “I think that every child is special and has an infinite potential. It is up to us to guide and help them discover their vocation. Only by finding and pursuing your call you can excel.
I invite the media, parents, teachers and companies to join my initiative to support education and performance. Only with the involvement of all of us can Romania evolve.”

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Conferință lansare Laborator Vocațional

Ciprian Marica în sala de clasă, la lansarea proiectului Laborator Vocațional

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