Ciprian Marica, the former captain of the national soccer team and the founder of the Ciprian Marica Foundation, joined as an ambassador of the third edition of the campaign „Friendship Club”, organized by Cartoon Network and Child Helpline Association. The project aims to provide assistance for children and teens affected by bullying.

The bullying is defined as a hostile and adverse behavior, of exclusion and mocking of a person, of humiliation. It is manifested by an aggressive behavior, repeated in time, with the intent to harm. The word “bullying” does not have a precise translation, but it can be associated with the terms intimidation, terrorizing, brutalizing.

Due to the increase in the number of reported cases, the supporters of the campaign plead for the formal marking at the national level of an anti-bully day, which will extend the involvement at the level of the authorities, the education system and other entities (ONGs, Association of psychologists, the media).

According to the statistics registered by Child Helpline Association, the most cases of bullying are the verbal ones (43%), aimed against boys (51%) of 9-12 years of age (34%) and they take place in school (82%). 15% of the ones requesting counseling are the parents and adults.

Ciprian Marica, a supporter of the new generation due to the projects implemented by his Foundation, is the protagonist of the newest spot of the campaign, using the message „Be friendly, not a bully”, aimed equally at the authors of the aggressions, the ones that are mere observers and the ones affected by the bullying. Ciprian encourages the ones that need specialty assistance to call 116 111 or find advice on

“I joined the campaign because the lessons learned along my sporting career can now be useful to all those affected by bullying. It is very important to respect the others, even if they are competitors and even if they are different. Soccer is a team sport and only together with my team mates I was able to obtain results. It is the same for you, in life, you must learn to lean on your team mates and friends, and in turn support them so that together you will be stronger. Try to understand your frustrations and don’t deflect them upon others. And every time you fall, get up and keep going. The aggression is unacceptable, and silence only makes you side with the aggressor. Ask for support and be friendly, not a bully.”