Children, teachers and special guests have celebrated on Saturday, the 12th of August, one year of existence of the educational project “Vocational Laboratory”, initiated and implemented by the Ciprian Marica Foundation. The anniversary event took place on the scene of the Cultural Centre from Buftea.

The pilot project “Vocational Laboratory”, realized in partnership with the Secondary School No. 1 from Buftea, offered a number of 900 children, with ages between 7 and 14 years the chance to attend free of charge for one year, classes of acting, canto, public speech, creative writing, mathematics, informatics, drawing and painting.

The show honouring one year of existence of this educational project opened with the song “When you believe”, interpreted by the graduates of the canto section, of the third module of the “Vocational Laboratory”. The message of the kids was as strong as possible: “Anything is possible, you just have to believe!”.

In addition, if until this moment the students of Ciprian Marica Foundation had the chance to express themselves only artistically on the scene, at the latest event the children insisted on thanking Ciprian Marica in a small footage realized as a surprise for the founder. Their message for the former forwarder was for him to continue the project that gave them the opportunity to discover themselves, to become stronger, more confident, to make friends, to learn all about team work and “to carry one no matter what”.

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During the anniversary event, Ciprian Marica told the students that he would take this project to Bucharest as well giving the possibility also to other school pupils to unveil their vocation and evolve. The founder promised the children that they will see each other again shortly, announcing, for the first time the most recent project of the foundation: “I am happy to have you here with me because I also have a surprise for you. Together with my colleagues I am officially launching the project “Be on your own!” I wish for you to have the chance to find out from different personalities what every field of activity implies and how can you be successful following the lead of those who have made it. I think you also need positive examples in order to succeed”.

Andreea Ibacka, present at the event as a special guest, told the children how she made her debut almost ten years ago in their hometown. She encouraged them to continue their studies reminding the small ones that only education and hard work can make you successful, no matter in what field you decide to be.

The show went on with strong speeches about sensitive subjects as begging, the Down syndrome, the circus animals and the suicide game “The Blue Whale”.

The play “The Heart of the Forest” passed on a message of love, tolerance and cooperation, raising the problem of what really matters in life.

The show ended with the graduates of the canto section who impressed the audience with talent, voice, costumes and choreography, and afterwards all those present have admired on the halls of the Buftea Cultural Centre, the drawing and painting exhibition carefully realized by the smallest attendants of the foundation.

Expoziție Laborator Vocațional - Cursant Desen și Pictură

Spectacol Laborator Vocațional - Cursanți Canto

Spectacol Laborator Vocațional - Piesa de teatru Inima Pădurii

Ciprian Marica și Andreea Ibacka la evenimentul Fundației Ciprian Marica