Buftea, 2nd of April 2017: The second class of the educative project “Vocational Laboratory marked its debut on Sunday, in the presence of the founder Ciprian Marica, offering the public a memorable show.

The project “Vocational Laboratory ” was launched by the Ciprian Marica Foundation in June 2016. In partnership with the Secondary School no. 1 from Buftea, the foundation offers the pupils free classes of acting, canto, public speaking, creative writing, mathematics, informatics, drawing and painting, the goal of the project being their personal development and vocational revealing.

Every three months a new series of graduates would make their official debut into the artistic world. Through speeches, paintings or plays written especially for them, the children sound out the problems preoccupying them, taking advantage of the adults’ attention to them.

The second class of the project has reached the heart of the auditorium with their motivational speeches. They have proven to be, despite of their young age, careful observers of the environment, showing their indignation towards the conditions of animals kept in shelters or zoos, militating for the right to live by stopping terrorism and supporting freedom to choose a future career driven by talent and vocation.

Messages like “we are only children”, “stress seriously harms your health” and “we all have a soul” have been spoken in one voice in the theatre play “A Word to Say”. The graduates of the acting class have inspired from the daily life of a pupil and proposed changes in the education system, considering that grades do not represent them.

At the same time, the children wished to open the eyes of the public on a developing phenomenon, showing the extremely serious consequences of bullying.

The show ended with the canto class graduates, in the beats of the song “I’ve just called to say I love you”, which the adolescents wanted to dedicate as a thank you to everyone supporting them.

Ciprian Marica thanked the teachers and students for a great show, drawing attention on such important issues. “Sometimes life shows us that wisdom is not necessarily the prerogative of old age. These children are a model of depth and sensitivity. I think we have something to learn from them. I shall continue my partnership with the Secondary School no. 1 from Buftea and expand the project “Vocational Laboratory” to other schools.

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