Voluntari, 2nd of October 2017: The Ilfov County Police Inspectorate, together with the Ilfov County School Inspectorate and the Ciprian Marica Foundation, marked the first day of the “Criminality Prevention Week” by an event with the theme of juvenile delinquency held at the Gymnasium School No. 1 from Voluntari.

Today Ciprian Marica was a special guest of the Ilfov County Police Inspectorate within the national campaign for preventing criminality. Over 400 children, VII and VIII graders, were encouraged to practice sport, of any kind, for a healthy and balanced life.

Ciprian Marica: “It is my first participation at such an event and I accepted the invitation of the Ilfov County Police Inspectorate to speak about prevention of juvenile delinquency because I have the conviction that sport is a safe road to a successful life, away of trouble. For me, Gică Hagi was a role model. His performances have inspired and motivated me. Find Hagi in your favourite sport and dream to be one day as great as him or, why not, even greater. Dream big, aim higher. Speak to your parents about your passions. Practice sport! You will learn about fair play, you will gain self-confidence and make friends. Don’t forget that sport, before anything, is health”.

Ciprian Marica was also in for a surprise. The children present at the event sang him Happy Birthday on the occasion of turning 32. Visibly touched, the former striker of the national team confessed the pupils that he remembered dearly his childhood and that he envied them for they were at the age when they could still dream.

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