The children cared for by Hospice House of Hope had on Friday, the 22nd of September, a special guest. Ciprian Marica was their physical education teacher for a day, at the head office from Adunaţii Copăceni, within the Camp Day 2017, event organized by Globalworth.

Ciprian explained the little football players how important warming up is before any physical effort, showing them a few playing schemes and like a true fellow player engaging with heart and soul in the games of his teams.

The games have been tight most of the times and the victors were established after free kicks. Nevertheless, as in any game with a stake, the contestants weren’t far away. The most complaints registered were for simulated faults for which yellow cards were demanded insistently.

The end of the matches came too soon in the children’s vision, who wouldn’t let go of the former captain of the national team. At departure, both Ciprian Marica and the energetic players confessed that they wished to repeat this memorable experience.

Ciprian Marica: “Football and sport in general builds characters, connects friendships and helps to live a healthy life from all points of view. It is important that we guide our children towards exercise. I really don’t know who had more fun today. Me or the kids? I miss playing football and these children reminded me of my childhood, of the joy to score, of the small teasings that are there at every match. ”

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