Casian is the first scholar of Ciprian Marica Foundation. He won many medals at national and international Olympiads in mathematics and informatics.

In 2014 and 2011 he won gold medals at the National Olympiad in Informatics, in 2013 he won the gold medal at the National Mathematics Olympiad. In 2012, Casian was awarded the bronze medal at the Junior Balkan Olympiad.

The most important success for him, until today, is the fact that he got into Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), class of 2020.

With the support of Ciprian Marica Foundation, Casian attended different courses of prestigious universities. In the summer of 2015 Casian participated in two MIT programs: MIT Launch, where participants worked in teams and learnt from MIT coordinators how to launch a company and Casian and his team were awarded the “Best Overall” prize, and MIT Launch Clubs, where club members learn the entrepreneurial skill set and mindset by starting, growing, and experiencing the adversities of founding a company.

In 2015 and 2014, Casian was admitted and he attended the Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC), a mathematics camp which has a 20-year history of taking mathematically talented high school students from around the world on an enriching journey of mathematical discovery.

Professor Florian Colceag, surnamed the trainer of geniuses, nominated Casian for the Ciprian Marica Foundation scholarship.

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