Tiberiu Soare has had exceptional results in his musical career. He graduated magna cum laude the Iacob Muresianu Military High School of Music in Bucharest and two faculties of the National University of Music Bucharest, tuba – Department of Wind and Percussion Instruments, and Conducting (choir and orchestra; or choral and orchestral) – Composition, Musicology and Music Pedagogy. Horia Andreescu, Alain Paris and Adrian Sunshine are his career role-models. He is currently deputy general director of the Bucharest National Opera, as well as coordinator of the “Ludovic Spiess” Experimental Studio of Opera and Ballet, part of the National Opera, and he has numerous concerts both in Romania and abroad.

Some of the moments he cherishes the most from his personal evolution are his first concert at the conductor’s desk of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, alongside Angela Gheorghiu, the concerts he led with the Suedwestfallischen Philarmonie in Essen (Deutschland) and with the George Enercu Philarmonie in Musat, Oman. He is proud of the prizes he won in Romania, such as the Prize in Music Criticism for his contribution in Traviata – 150 years Project, the Romanian Artist Union Prize for being a part of the premiere of Oedip, by George Enescu and the Prize for Music award he received in the eighth edition of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Gala.

He believes that great love is inaccessible to those who have no creative imagination. He continually applies this principle in music and manages to delight any music lover with each and every concert with the contrast between sensitivity and strength that he exhibits at the conductor’s desk.

Tiberiu Soare’s goal is to initiate the general public in the wonderful, yet complex world of the opera and to support young people who want to achieve performance in their domain. Therefore he is often involved in the organization of cultural and charitable events.