Monica Petrică’s career in the world of dance began at the age of three years old under Alexandru Ilie’s wing, her uncle, who is a ballet master and used to take Monica to the ballet classes of a Sports School. Her mother was her biggest supporter, making sure she had everything she needed in order to focus on her career. She was admitted to the George Enescu High School of Art with the highest grade and graduated as valedictorian. Monica Petrică debuted as a ballerina in Oleg Danovski Contemporary Dance Company. She is currently prima-ballerina of the Romanian Opera, alongside Răzvan Mazilu, making every show a great treat for the audience.

Monica Petrică achieves performance in the most elegant fashion, thanks to her respect for hard work and for everybody around her, as well as for immovable discipline. When described by people who have the chance to get to know her, the words that most frequently describe her are grace, success and sensitivity.

Monica Petrică loves her country and this is why she always returns to Romania even though she constantly receives proposals to settle in other countries. She strongly believes in a better society, where there is no discrimination and where young people are guided and supported. Therefore she often gets involved in charity campaigns aimed at training young people, combating violence against women and providing schools with the necessary materials and equipment for their students.